The Chesapeake Bay Bridge at sunset backed with an orange sky.
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The Chesapeake
Bay Crossing Study

TierĀ 2 NEPA


The Chesapeake Bay Crossing Study: Tier 2 NEPA (Tier 2 Study) is a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study that will analyze alternatives to provide congestion relief and improve travel reliability, mobility and safety across the Chesapeake Bay. The Tier 2 Study is focusing on the Selected Corridor Alternative (Corridor 7) that was identified at the conclusion of the Tier 1 Study. Alternatives will include a No Build Alternative and a range of build alternatives involving various alignments, crossing types and modal and operational alternatives (e.g. transit, pedestrian, bicycle, etc.). Corridor 7 is two miles wide and runs 22 miles from the Severn River Bridge in Anne Arundel County to the U.S. 50/U.S. 301 split in Queen Anne’s County.

For information on the existing bridge, including toll rates, traffic information and construction projects visit

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The MDTA owns, finances, operates, and maintains the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge and is conducting the Tier 2 Study.

In September 2023, the Bay Crossing Study Tier 2 (BCST2) held a series of Public Open Houses to inform the public on the study Purpose and Need, Alternatives Screening Process, and public engagement activities to date.  The open houses included two in-person public open houses and one virtual open house. In total, over 550 people attended the meetings and over 600 comments were received via the September 2023 written comment card, in-person, online, and by mail/e-mail. Comments from the open houses are summarized in the September 2023 Open Houses Survey Summary

All comments received will be considered during development of study alternatives and the environmental impact assessment. MDTA anticipates presenting the results of the initial alternatives analysis at the next series of public open houses anticipated in Fall 2024.